Market is the place where Your Application Builder Customers can sell there products or services, think here about apps for business, radio apps, streaming services and hosting. Other services and products are also welcome, remember all products will be reviewed before publishing.

Who can sign up for vendor?

Only Your Application Builder customers who want to sell there services and apps to third party customers

Do i pay commission?

Yes a commission is charged depending on the product

Can i add subscription based products?

Yes you can add subscriptions with different time-falls.

How many products i can add?

You can add unlimited products but they are all subject to a review before publishing.

I am not a Your Application Builder customer and would like to sell on the market!

Submit your details and describe well in the comments what you would like to sell.

Do i pay a monthly fee to be a seller?

No subscribing and selling is totally free, we only charge a commission on sell.

Vendor Registration

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Important: This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.