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    First you have to install our WordPress plugin in your WordPress website.

    Then, after entering your WordPress website url in the WordPress feature of Your Application Builder, if you have an error message saying our WordPress module can’t be find, be sure that:

    • You have posts published on WordPress website (the module can retrieve posts, not pages)
    • The posts that are published are stored in some categories (not just the “Uncategorised” default category of WordPress

    You can also check by entering “/?app-creator-api=1&object=posts” at the end of the url of your WordPress website to check if some posts are retrieved from your WordPress or “/?app-creator-api=1&object=categories” to check if our module can retrieve your categories. Like this for instance: to see if our module can retrieve your posts to see if our module can retrieve your categories

    If the result of one of these request is null that means you don’t have posts or you don’t have set categories.

    If you have a result for the two request, the problem is elsewhere

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