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    This features allows you to create Product pages.

    Little warning: if you have menus, don’t create them with this feature but use the “Menu” feature instead which is more appropriate.

    1. Create a main category (click on “+main category”):


    2. There are 2 options:

    • create a sub-category if needed (by clicking on “+ sub-category”) :


    • or directly create a product (by clicking on “+ Product”) :


    Notes :

    • Think carefully about the order in which the main categories appear as they will appear in the same order they will be created.
    • You can create all you main categories first, then all your subcategories and finally all your products in the appropriate subcategories.
    • You can drag and drop all your subcategories (in a same main category) by clicking on drag


    You can do the same thing with products:
    “Alabama” is 1st:


    “Alabama” is 2nd:


    You can obtain this:


    You can also choose another design for your page, from the different page designs at the bottom of the feature:


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