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    Per 30 of January we will switch to full https. At the moment we do not force https but this will change on 30 of January 2017. This means you still can access the application builder over and

    Make sure you start working under the https environment 

    Steps to be done for applications.

    Under https://

    • Generate android source ( if you sign yourself the app) and upload to Google Play
    • Generate new APK file and upload to Google Play
    • No access to APK generator, request file for apk generation under publishing. The apk file will be emailed to you and is ready for upload to the app store.
    • All new sources for iOS need to be generated under https before compiling and uploading to iTunes App Store

    Keep in mind that if you do not update your Android Apps by 30th of January 2017 they will not function correctly after.

    All old iOS apps what was already on the app store should have been updated before 1st of January 2017. if NOT start updating as soon as possible!!!

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